Cheryl Haskett


Meet Cheryl Haskett

Ultimately, Cheryl’s passion is in bringing organizations “alive,” by providing the steps and encouragement to do things differently—helping individuals and teams overcome the key challenges that most businesses face today.

For more than a decade, Cheryl Haskett has helped countless clients establish business-boosting connections between employees and senior managers, across entire organizations, and within individuals themselves.

Cheryl is accredited in Emotional Intelligence and therefore believes in the power of partnering and relationship-building based on trust and integrity. Combining this philosophy with her dynamic interpersonal skills and business ownership background, she consistently achieves and surpasses the objectives of her clients—whether they are small organizations, non-profits or Fortune 100 companies.

With the end goal of sustained behavioural transformation in mind, Cheryl helps companies synthesize and identify exactly what they want; and transforms those complex concepts into a simple format and valuable tools that people can not only understand, but easily apply.

As a senior facilitator, Cheryl has a talent for reading the energy of a room—whether in a small classroom format, or a room of hundreds of attendees. By personally connecting with training participants, Cheryl has carefully moderated difficult but important conversations that employees, managers and leaders are traditionally afraid to have. She has also helped clients realize the possibilities of creating an organizational culture brimming with innovative thinking, no matter how many thinking styles are involved.

And on a Juice-y note…

  • Cheryl is a mother of four boys
  • When not traveling or facilitating, Cheryl supports her husband on their 1,500-herd goat dairy farm, keeps her “guard llama” in check, and makes goat milk ice cream

"Cheryl was extremely well informed, witty and a great facilitator. The group was very engaged, materials well done and exercises simple yet had tremendous power. "