Meet Christine Robinson

Senior Facilitator & Speaker

Christine is passionate about creating emotionally intelligent, inclusion-conscious and innovative organizational cultures that leverage the best in everyone. She believes that humanity in workplace design is our most important pursuit.

Innovation Catalyst & Leadership Facilitator

For over a decade, Christine has led teams committed to transforming and humanizing work. She helps leaders identify what matters most - using practical decision-making tools to help them access insight and to take committed action.

As a speaker and facilitator, Christine designs sessions that have impact. Whether in a virtual discussion or at a conference with hundreds of attendees, she brings sessions alive by sharing relevant concepts that demonstrate how innovation can be accomplished by anyone when supported with the right structure and tools. She believes seeing things in fresh new ways can support employees in navigating challenges today, and the changes we need to make to prepare for the future.

Christine is a true partner who values co-creative working relationships with her clients. Melding her experience as an executive, an organizational development consultant, leadership coach and innovation catalyst, she is firmly focused on excellence for her clients—from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies.


Fuel Innovative Thinking Every Day

April 20, 12 PM
With Christine Robinson & Kris MacQueen

You know that old cliche that says you need to “think outside the box” to generate breakthrough solutions? Well, the evidence suggests otherwise. Research shows that the use of a structured innovation approach allows an average group to produce 500% more useful ideas than a so-called creative group using conventional brainstorming.

Welcome to Innovation in a Box.

Join us for this new webinar and learn how a simple, structured approach powered by practical tools can help anyone in your organization fuel innovative thinking and breakthrough solutions. Energize your workforce and watch them produce value adding ideas that turn into real solutions, every day.

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