Meet Jean-Francois (JF) Hivon

General Manager & VP of Sales

Committed to creating sustainable results for businesses, Jean-Francois (JF) facilitates organizational transformation by turning their ideas into reality. A bilingual solutions-focused strategist, JF has 20 years of expertise in business development, training, strategy and organizational development.

JF works closely with leaders across the private and public sectors to develop strategies that will help achieve organizational objectives while engaging and meeting the needs of employees.

Energized Business Leader and Relationship Builder

Versatile and action-oriented, JF focuses on rigorous management processes and authentic relationship building to not only get businesses to the state they seek—but to keep them there. Serving others is a core strength and motivator for JF. Through caring and compassion, he works to positively impact people’s lives and engage them in producing results they can own.

Prior to joining Juice Inc., JF led business and corporate development for two privately held Canadian training companies and was the CEO for over 10 years for a small healthcare consulting firm.

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