Activating Brainwaves: 3 Ways to Make “Accidental Brilliance” Predictable

Produce genius every day by learning to release these high-performance hormones--in yourself and others.


Activating Brainwaves: 3 Ways to Make “Accidental Brilliance” Predictable

Brilliance is not accidental. In fact, you can create genius within yourself—on demand, every single day.

Brain Wave

In this article for, Juice co-founder Brady Wilson shares three tips to help you learn to release three high-performance hormones.

Even better: you can use these tips to do a “benevolent brain hack,” releasing brilliance in others!

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Brady Wilson is a regular contributor to—the world’s quintessential go-to source for everything you need to know about starting and growing a business. Read more of Brady’s articles here.

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