Case Study: Co-operators Life - Partnering for Success

Are well-intended engagement strategies putting your best employees at risk? Your most engaged employees may be loyal...but are they energized?

The co-operative identified energy—not engagement—as critical to its ability to remain successful, profitable and to meet client needs in the ever-changing insurance industry. Traditional business and human resources efforts where realizing minimal to modest success but were not bringing back the zest and passion of employees and leaders. Moreover, recent layoffs had only added to their energy depletion.

“Trying to stay competitive in this industry requires a fair amount of resilience of our employees—and as a result, our people began to lose a level of engagement and energy,” explains Sandy Ram, [Organizational Development, Human Resources] of The Co-operators Life. “What we needed was to find a way to restore things; and remove any individual, team and corporate interferences getting in the way of our ability to remain competitive.”

Consequently, the co-operative embarked on a journey to find a new way of approaching engagement: one that focused not on scores or numbers, but on building the conditions to energize its employees.