Energy and engagement are complementary but different.

Engagement is a disciplined, Spartan-like dedication and commitment that can only be sustained with the ongoing fuel of passion, enthusiasm and vitality.

Energy is perfectly suited to do this for engagement.

Energy is a passionate, driving force of enthused vitality that needs to be channeled and focused. Engagement is perfectly suited to do this for energy.

Engagement means “I care”. Energy means “I can”.

You don’t want employees who care but no longer can. (engaged but not energized)

You don’t want employees who can but no longer care. (energized but not engaged)

Manage Energy and Engagement

If you manage engagement, you don’t necessarily get energy.

If you manage energy, you don’t necessarily get engagement.

Managing both is a trainable skill. Any leader can skill up on this.

Learn to nurture the passion that fuels discipline.

Learn to safeguard the enthusiasm that sustains dedication.

Learn to evoke the inspiration that maintains commitment.

Learn to foster the vitality that prompts loyalty.