Here’s the through-line of this series: creating space invites the possibilities that shape your reality.

Now let’s zoom in on how you can invite possibility by living immediately – creating space for moments – powerful moments laden with possibility. We’ll look at how you can be present enough to experience powerful moments - so they don’t just blur by you.

For fifteen years I’ve been devoting many of my summers to writing at our family cottage. Several years ago, I noticed something: September would roll around, I’d look back on my summer and it was a blur – I could barely remember any of its defining moments. I’d lived it, but I hadn’t experienced it.

I heard a comment from the Italian poet, Cesare Pevase that came with exquisite timing, “We don’t remember days, we remember moments”. I began researching moments, starting with a book called The Power of Moments by brothers Chip and Dan Heath, which offers some of these key insights:

  • Some moments are vastly more important than others (p11)
  • A defining moment is a short experience that is both memorable and meaningful (p12)
  • We rate experiences based on two key moments: the best or worst moment (known as the peak) and the ending (p8)
  • You can architect moments (p43)

Moments became currency for me. I began journaling them. I’d wake up and write about the moments of the previous day. Catching a snapping turtle to the delight of my grandsons, then letting it go. Seeing a bald eagle swoop down from a tree as I passed on my paddleboard. Moments of 100% absorption in my writing where all the dots began to connect.

This practice of remembering and recording yesterday’s experiences did more than (I hope) fend off dementia - I became attuned to defining moments and how they presented themselves. I hosted moments as valued guests in my home. I was in the middle of them, making sure they felt right at home, offering them my rapt attention, being present to what they were trying to tell me.

And that brings us to the meaning of the word immediate: to be in the middle, with nothing in between. Live immediately. Today, when you sense a defining moment, step into the middle of that moment, be its host and allow no distractions to get in between. Attune yourself to notice what’s happening in that instant. Create space to savor that moment, because moments are how possibility is going to come to you.

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