On Saturday I’ll cycle 100 miles to support our local food bank. Our Juice employees donate blood, launch youth into community theatre, climb the CN Tower in support of WWF and provide micro-loans that launch third world entrepreneurs.

This is possible for one reason: we believe every person deserves to have energy left over at the end of the day; energy for their pursuits, energy for their kids, energy for their communities, energy for their world.

Take Erin for example. She’s a sales maven at Juice. We’ve learned a secret: send home an energized Erin and she betters her family, her neighborhood, her community and her world.

Imagine large organizations sending 85,000 energized Erins & Erics home to better their communities every night. Worldwide. Does this prospect grip your imagination?

But this idea is not just for difference-makers and purpose-pursuers. This can excite the most pragmatic CFO. Imagine Eric has energy left over at the end of his workday to lead a Running & Reading program for at-risk kids in his neighborhood. He witnesses a breakthrough with one of the kids on Tuesday night. This energy goes back to work with Eric the next morning, fueling a super-productive day.

Keep giving millions to transform healthcare, the environment and education. We truly applaud you. But to the extent your employees don’t see themselves believing in or engaged with those causes – they are boring and fall short of capturing their imaginations. Tap into, release and support the bottled-up passion of your people and you engineer a self-fueling process: energize work and energy goes home…then energy comes back to work the next day in all the ways that matter.


Our workday immeasurably shapes the quality of our life.

Our life immeasurably shapes the quality of our workday.

Question for the day: Is your employee experience a machine that burns people for fuel or is it the fuel that enables people to burn bright in society?