This white paper invites you to imagine a more productive workplace where healthier, happier people thrive, and have energy left over at the end of their day – energy for their partner, their kids, community and personal pursuits. It’s a world where your people are aware of their psychological needs, break with convention and express those needs in a skillful manner, then get them fuelled in ways that create well-being, vitality and optimal performance.

The result of several careers’ worth of study, this paper is deeply edited – truncated even – for quicker learning, but every point can be backed up. Indeed, speaking of invitations, please contact and question us on any point herein for substantiation. We’re excited to share the good news: stuffering work cultures can become need-meeting ones.

You will learn:

  • Humans have psychological needs that are essential, primal and biologically urgent: belonging, security, freedom, significance and meaning. However we’ve been socialized to stifle, mask, and repress them.
  • Unfulfilled, these human needs wreak depletion, illness, and poor performance. We call this suffering, caused by stuffing our needs, stuffering.
  • Understanding and talking about psychological needs as needs allows people to get these needs met – ending stuffering – releasing energy, well-being and performance.

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