The back to the office conversation takes a lot of energy.

Innovation takes a lot of energy.

Delighting customers takes a lot of energy.

In short, it takes a lot of energy to engage in all the ways that matter.

But what is energy and how do you define it? With a name like Juice, you can imagine we’re asked that question regularly. After 17 years, here’s our definition:

Energy is a feeling of vitality that fuels engagement.

Let’s chunk this down:

Firstly, energy is a feeling. You can sense it when it’s present, and you can sense it when it’s not. This is vital, because if energy cannot be sensed or felt, it cannot be measured or managed.

Secondly, energy is not just a raw, physical drive, nor is it just emotional excitement. It contains but transcends those things. Energy is a whole-being blend of passion, drive, absorption, focus, zest, vibrancy, mojo, enthusiasm, vigor, spirit, flow and agility. We use one word to sum this all up: vitality. You can’t fake vitality, and a lot of things have to be in place for vitality to show up. People have to feel connected, secure, autonomous. They have to feel like they’re making progress, that there’s meaning in their work.

Thirdly, this vitality has an impulse to express itself. It wants to get stuff done. Energy fuels us, moves us, animates us and motivates us to act.

Lastly, what does energy fuel? It fuels engagement – but not just the drive to say, stay and strive. Energized employees engage in promoting your company, delighting customers, creating value-adding innovations, and going (ABCD) above and beyond the call of duty.

There are two things we know about energy: a) it is finite b) it is renewable.

Energy is finite. You only have so much. You can only work 18 hours a day for so many days in a row before you break down.

Energy is renewable. You can be sitting in a meeting running on empty and suddenly an idea ignites with a huge sense of possibility associated with it. Within minutes you are re-energized to engage for the rest of the day.

Juice’s job on this little planet is simple: we energize work. We help you co-engineer those moments into the conversations and structures of your company. That releases a feeling of vitality that fuels peoples’ engagement.