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JUICE 101: we all deserve to leave work feeling fulfilled and with energy left over for our family, friends, and community!

At Juice, we’ve helped companies all across Canada transform their workforces and unlock their people’s bottled-up potential. The resulting energy fuels great customer experiences, innovative ideas and leads directly to great business results.

Leaders are telling us that the current virtual work environment is having a negative impact on their team’s overall energy. Depleted teams are struggling to be resilient, innovative, and to persevere through the ambiguity.

Failing to pay attention to your team’s energy can have immediate impact on productivity and long lasting effects on their effectiveness. This challenge is an opportunity to create new, better ways of working for better results.

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Team Energy Booster Sessions

Does your team need a more structured approach to sustain energy and productivity?

Juice’s 90-minute Virtual Energy Booster Sessions help teams understand how to maximize energy and deploy their strengths so they can continue doing their best work.


  • Unlock and Sustain Your Team’s Energy
  • Co-create Clarity through Effective Communication

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