Senior Facilitator & Content Designer



A creative thinker, Kris delivers hands-on experiential programs to organizations wishing to develop innovative solutions, improve creative thinking and find effective ways to solve problems.

Kris is energized when “the moment of insight” can be seen on someone’s face. Helping people flourish and embrace their full potential is what gets him up in the morning.

For more than 20 years, Kris has been an in-the-trenches-of-life people leader. Kris has worked extensively within both for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, building and managing diverse teams in both brick-and-mortar establishments and nationwide remote teams.

Kris leads the design and development of our virtual learning tools and platforms.  He is known for his approachability, creativity, high performance and stalwart commitment to the success of others. Kris is a seasoned communicator and facilitator, and has been invited to speak across Canada and the United States throughout the past decade.


Did you know? Kris is also a musician!

Built around the distinctive chemistry of married couple Kris and Livia MacQueen’s musical partnership,The MacQueens’ sound is a compelling fusion of contemporary folk, rock, and country, characterized by their thoughtful lyrics, engaging melodies, and memorable performances.


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