As part of the City’s development of competency models, they were looking for assistance in moving their innovation strategy forward.

By putting the tools into the hands of managers and frontline employees, City staff were immediately equipped to think differently about everyday challenges, nurturing the culture of innovation and powering the City’s strategy.

Key Points

  • The City decided to bring Innovation in a Box to their annual leadership conference, with a handful of their leaders receiving specialized  “innovation coach” training in advance.
  • Participants came up with 500 ideas as a result of the day-long innovation training.
  • Innovation tools learned at the conference have been successfully integrated into business processes across the municipality.

Read The Success Story

Explore how the City of Mississauga leveraged Innovation in a Box training to enable a team of full-time Business and Innovation Coaches to support and sustain  their strategy and move towards a culture of innovation.

Practical Innovation Tools For everyday People

It’s tough for ”real teams” to innovate — especially amid the competing pressures of their lives. Tough, but completely possible. That’s why we built Innovation in a Box Training – to equip your people with a simple process and practical tools to fuel everyday innovation.

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