You know that old cliché that says you need to “think outside the box” to generate breakthrough solutions? Well, the evidence suggests otherwise. Research shows that the use of a structured innovation approach allows an average group to produce 500% more useful ideas than a so-called creative group using conventional brainstorming. Equipping people with a structured process and practical innovation tools enables people to innovate more effectively. Read the guide to learn more.


  • The difference between innovation and problem solving
  • Why innovation strategies fail within organizations
  • Why structure is an essential ingredient to enabling your people to be more innovative
  • How practical tools power every day innovation
  • Drive breakthrough ideas by thinking “Inside the Box”

An Introduction to the i5 Process and Innovation Tools

People have a tendency to freely swap the terms problem solving and innovation. But they’re not the same. Problem solving is reactive while Innovation is proactive. And while problem solving is necessary for survival, all it really does is maintain the status quo. True innovation is future focused and transcends the status quo.

Start your journey with fueling everyday innovation with this graphically rich introduction to innovation, the i5 process and the practical tools that will help you and your team deliver breakthrough ideas.

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