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Interactive Activities to Make Your Next Event Unforgettable.

People learn best by doing. That’s why we’ve built scalable learning experiences for your next event. Engage your people by, say, building a city or launching a spacecraft, and combine that with carefully crafted debriefs plus an opportunity to practise new skills, and you get memorable learning experiences. Click on our Learning Experiences below to discover more.

Powerful Learning Experiences to Energize Your Next Event

Oxygen Poker Learning Experience

Oxygen Poker teaches employee-players about the Five Driving Needs by defining their own, and how those needs’ impact co-employee and customer experiences.

Enterprise Learning Simulation

Teams race against the clock in a competition to construct a spacecraft on time and on budget. To succeed, they must coach for performance, aligning goals and activities to achieve individual and team accountability.

The Big Picture Learning Simulation

The Big Picture engages your team in exploring how to effectively break down silos, collaborate effectively, and ensure alignment, all in service of delivering on the vision.

Terra Nova Learning Simulation

Terra Nova is an experiential learning simulation that engages your team in exploring and overcoming real world challenges.

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Meet Brady Wilson, Your Next Keynote Speaker.

Brady will inspire your leaders with his infectious energy, pragmatic approach and unconventional message. He’ll make them think differently about how they lead, sustain employee engagement, and fuel your organization’s success.

Cracking the Code on Energy

Can you burnout-proof your superstars? Yes, but you fix burnout not by asking less but by asking more - the right more. Learn how your employees can be wildly productive throughout the day and have energy left over at the end of the day for their partner, their kids, their community.

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