The co-operative identified energy—not engagement—as critical to its ability to remain successful, profitable and to meet client needs in the ever-changing insurance industry. Traditional business and human resources efforts where realizing minimal to modest success but were not bringing back the zest and passion of employees and leaders. Moreover, recent layoffs had only added to their energy depletion.

Consequently, the co-operative embarked on a journey to find a new way of approaching engagement: one that focused not on scores or numbers, but on building the conditions to energize its employees.

Key Points

  • The Co-operators Group Limited faced declining employee engagement due to exhaustion and burnout
  • In partnership with Juice, the company implemented a program focused on managing employee energy levels and restoring their passion for work.
  • The program was tested in a three-month pilot across three of its divisions, resulting in increased employee engagement levels
  • The success of the pilot has led to the program being rolled out across the entire division.

Read The Success Story

Explore how the Co-operators Life Partnered with Juice Inc. to leverage the brain-based principles, outlined in the book Beyond Engagement, to craft a unique strategy to unlock employee energy.  By equipping leaders and teams to step into the types of conversation that would unlock the energy employees desperately needed, they were able to fuel performance during a period of significant change.

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