Brady Wilson



Sustain Team Performance Through Times of Change

November 10th, 1:00 PM ET

Constant change is the new normal in workplaces today. Pandemic, the great resignation, supply chain disruption, reorganizations, rapid innovation and growth - no workplace is immune to the ongoing disruption and the impact it’s having on their team’s ability to deliver results. For many teams, these challenges get in the way of getting work done, deplete energy, and ultimately impact their ability to sustain high performance.

But some teams continue to perform despite disruptions - what are they doing differently?

TEDx speaker and co-founder of Juice Inc, Brady Wilson, discusses how a simple organizational operating system based on key principles from brain science research - which we call Partnering - can shift the way your company develops and sustains high performing teams.

By attending this webinar, you will:

  1. Bring your organization a new framework that will help you unlock and sustain team performance
  2. Learn how to turn your current team building initiatives into catalysts for high performance team development solutions that solve real business challenges
  3. Gain practical tools you can bring to your leaders to start transforming team performance immediately

Who should attend:

  • Learning & development leaders
  • HR, talent and training leaders
  • Leaders tasked with building high performance teams


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