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With our deep toolbox of content and experience, we create a meaningful learning journey that engages your team in exploring a unique mindset and building new leadership skills, all while accomplishing relevant work. By combining mindset, skillset and toolset we help you grow your people’s confidence and competence to sustain performance.

Trusted Workplace Training Partner for 20 Years

We’ve helped companies all over the world — from just a few employees to tens of thousands - energize their essential people and teams. Your Juice team is endlessly passionate about energizing the way we work. The very tools we’ll introduce you to, we use to run our business.

Every Juice project brings a unique mindset, practical skills and simple tools people can apply immediately. We partner with you to customize a program that scales effectively to help solve the real problems your teams are facing today.

Beyond Engagement

Unlock Energy. Sustain Performance.

Employees can't deliver their best work when they’re depleted. Energized employees can deploy their strengths, create value and deliver the best results. Managers who learn how to partner with employees to create an environment that unlocks energy will not only get engagement and sustainable performance, they'll free up their own time to work on more strategic endeavours. It’s time to change the way you think about and approach employee engagement.

Power of Conversation

Every Conversation Matters.

Work is full of different kinds of conversations - like coaching, giving feedback, sales negotiations, customer service, and performance reviews. And, when certain conversations aren't being had (or being had well), problems can escalate and burn more fuel than might otherwise have been needed. We've developed a simple operating system that can help you power up all the important conversations. Introduce your teams to a unique mindset and skillset to make every conversation matter and unlock your people's brilliance - and energize your bottom line.

Innovation in a Box

Produce 500% More Useful Ideas.

Though we often think of innovation as spontaneous lightbulb moments, research shows that teams can produce up to 500% more useful ideas using a structured innovation process. At Juice, our Innovation in a Box toolkit provides a simple, structured 5-stage approach to innovation, and the practical tools to help individuals and teams create breakthrough ideas. Builds confidence and competence by working on the challenges and opportunities that are real, relevant and meaningful to your teams.

Dare to Lead Training

Develop More Daring Leaders.

Today, leaders need to show up in ways they’ve never had to before. Organizations need brave leaders who produce high performing teams that sustain energy through uncertain times. They lead with the courage to have the difficult conversations that are needed to unlock their team's best performance. Dare to Lead™ is a unique and powerful leadership development program that is transforming people, teams and organizations.

Learning Experiences & Simulations

People learn best by doing. We engage your people through powerful simulations. Together they may build a city, or launch a spacecraft. Skillfully facilitated debriefs and opportunities to practise new skills translate into memorable, impacting learning experiences.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture engages your team in exploring how to effectively break down silos, collaborate effectively, and ensure alignment, all in service of delivering on the vision.


Teams race against the clock in a competition to construct a spacecraft on time and on budget. To succeed, they must coach for performance, aligning goals and activities to achieve individual and team accountability.

Oxygen Poker

Oxygen Poker teaches employee-players about the Five Driving Needs by defining their own, and how those needs’ impact co-employee and customer experiences.

Terra Nova

Terra Nova is an experiential learning simulation that engages your team in exploring and overcoming real world challenges.

Open Workshops

Our introductory workshops are open to everyone who wants to experience how Juice can help you transform your organization and unlock the energy that fuels sustainable productivity.

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Case Studies

City of Mississauga

City employees had worked with a consultant to develop a list of leadership competencies that employees should strive toward. One of the competencies they identified was “the ability to drive innovative change”. The City of Mississauga used Juice's Innovation in a Box process to improve business efficiency across city processes and departments.

YUM! Restaurants

What makes a Great Place to Work? How about an abundance of employee trust—and a corporate culture filled with positive energy and opportunity. If you haven’t heard of our client Yum! Restaurants International (Canada) by name, you certainly know their popular brands: Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell. We would like to heartily congratulate Yum! for ranking in Canada’s top 100 places to work. But how did they do it?

Co-operators Life

Your most engaged employees may be loyal...but are they energized? The co-operative identified energy—not engagement—as critical to its ability to remain successful, profitable and to meet client needs in the ever-changing insurance industry. Traditional efforts were realizing minimal success and recent layoffs had only added to their energy depletion. The co-operative focused not on scores or numbers, but on building the conditions to energize its employees.

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