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Focusing strictly on engagement can leave your good people exhausted — still engaged but depleted. Why? Engagement without energy can’t sustain their passion and innovation. Based on Juice Inc. Founder Brady Wilson’s book of the same name, Beyond Engagement Training equips leaders and teams to remove interference and generate the energy needed to fuel performance. It’s one of Juice’s most popular and most talked about programs.

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A brain-based approach that blends the engagement managers want with the energy employees need

Today’s employees may be engaged, but they’re exhausted. Lacking energy, they resort to quick fixes, workarounds, and reactive firefighting. Pointing to brain science research, this clear, concise and compelling book provides people leaders and HR professionals with the tools to create a sustainable and innovative organizational culture—focused on both engagement and energy.

The Problem

Up to 50% of employees don’t believe your engagement survey will produce any meaningful action. Here’s the paradox: the more you focus on engagement, the more disengaged your employees can become. Why?

Employees believe employee engagement is a con game - management’s ploy at squeezing more discretionary effort out of them. (“Say! - Stay! - Strive!”) It seems to have nothing to do with the quality of their lived experience at work. Is there something beyond engagement that could make engagement work? Make it live? Be more sustainable?

The Solution

We all deserve to leave work feeling fulfilled and with energy left over for our family, friends, and community. When energy goes home, it comes back to work the next day in all the ways that matter - great customer experience, booming results, innovation, and resilience, and more.

Juice Inc. has helped leaders get engagement unstuck and energize workplaces for 20 years. One of their biggest obstacles? How they think about engagement.

Leaders who leverage the science of energy can unlock their people’s bottled-up potential. The resulting energy fuels great customer experiences, innovative ideas and leads directly to great business results.

Employee Engagement Training That Drives Business Results

This full-day interactive learning experience is based on the Beyond Engagement book. It equips leaders and teams with the mindset, skillset and toolset to partner with their people, remove interference and release energy by tapping into what matters most to them.

Our live and virtual Beyond Engagement training will equip you to:

  • Partner with people to achieve results, rather than micro-managing.
  • Lead better by understanding and applying the universal five driving human needs: meaning, belonging, security, significance, and freedom.
  • Inspire others by setting them up for success.
  • Boost team energy and deepen their engagement.
  • Identify and balance competing needs and priorities.

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