Enterprise Learning Simulation

Because Failure Is Not An Option.


Misalignment on roles, goals, and tactics makes it impossible to deliver on time, on budget and to 100% quality. Failure becomes an option when it never should be.


Enterprise is an experiential learning simulation that engages teams in solving real-world challenges as they lead the Enterprise Inc. and attempts to deliver outerworld spaceships on time, on budget, and at 100% quality. To be successful, your team will need to be aligned, integrate process and resources, hold each other accountable, collaborate effectively, innovate, and execute with speed. Sound familiar?


Your team will be engaged as employees of Enterprise Inc. and assume the responsibility for the organization’s results, which means delivering the Enterprise Spacecraft on time, on budget, and to 100% quality.

The group will be split into six teams, each accountable for constructing different parts of the Enterprise Spacecraft. They’ll race against the clock to deliver on budget and to 100% quality standards — as promised to their client.

The simulation is run in three rounds of play, each followed by a customized debrief that draws out your key messages. Through these debriefs, participants will make connections between accountability, execution, and results as they seek to improve the culture and performance at Enterprise Inc.

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