NEW! Team Energy Booster

Does your team need a more structured approach to sustain energy and productivity?

Juice’s 90-minute Virtual Energy Booster Sessions help teams understand how to maximize energy and deploy their strengths so they can continue doing their best work.


Leaders are telling us that the current virtual work environment is having a negative impact on their team’s overall energy. Depleted teams are struggling to be resilient, innovative, and to persevere through the ambiguity. Failing to pay attention to your team’s energy can have immediate impact on productivity and long lasting effects on their effectiveness.


We know your time is at a premium. And, it turns out that small investments can have a big payout in helping your team sustain energy and productivity. That’s why we’ve developed two 90-minute Virtual Energy Booster Sessions for teams. Delivered by one of our expert facilitators, these sessions will help your team maximize the energy they need to stay productive and deploy their strengths to get through the work ahead.


Unlock and Sustain Your Team’s Energy (90 min)

This Team Energy Booster leverages Juice’s Five Driving Needs framework, virtual Oxygen Poker exercise and expert facilitation to help you and your team understand where energy comes from and how to unlock it. This creates the foundation to build quick individualized strategies to minimize what’s depleting energy and maximize what’s creating energy. Through this awareness, we’ll help you and your team build an action plan that incorporates a regular team check-in so you can sustain energy, and fuel productivity and results.

Co-create Clarity through Effective Communication (90 min)

Misalignment, broken trust and costly mistakes are usually caused by two issues: misunderstanding and missed understanding. How quickly can your team get aligned and on the same page? How quickly can you co-create a clear picture that everyone can understand? Find out in this Team Energy Booster, a hands-on virtual communication exercise where each team member brings a vital part of the final picture and must discover how to integrate their pieces into the whole.

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