Build a culture of high performance

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing organizations, it’s easy to lose sight of the connection between the work environment we create and the business results we achieve. That’s why we built Terra Nova – an engaging simulation that explores how balance results and relationships, and drive performance. Let’s put your team to the test!

Terra Nova

Interactive Learning Simulation for Leaders and Teams

Terra Nova is a learning simulation that challenges participants to build a high-performance environment while maintaining a positive work culture. The goal – to make Terra Nova prosper. Over the course of four quarters, teams work together to ensure the smooth flow of resources while building the structures needed to achieve their quarterly targets.

After each quarter, a facilitated debrief has participants reflect on the results and the work environment they have created to that point. They identify any gaps, and adjust their strategy and tactics as needed to achieve their mission. To succeed, the team must align around strategy, goals, and tactics while cultivating a sustainable culture for high performance.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore the impact of open and clear communication on engagement and results
  • Learn how prioritizing employee engagement and well-being can lead to better performance and outcomes
  • Learn how taking time to STOP and get aligned can accelerate performance

Target Audience

  • People leaders at all levels
  • Leaders & influencers (without direct reports)
  • Intact teams

Delivery Details

  • Time Required: 4 hours
  • Minimum Participants: 12
  • Maximum Participants: 100+
  • Facilitated In Person: Yes
  • Virtual Delivery Option: No

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