The Beyond Engagement Philosophy

We believe that every person deserves to have energy left over at the end of the day, energy for the partner, energy for their kids, energy to contribute to their community. We also believe you can have energy leftover and achieve the three things every organization wants: a great customer experience, a great employee experience, and great results.

But we're seeing a troubling trend. More and more employees are engaged but exhausted; dedicated, but depleted. However, there is a simple tool that enables people to be engaged and energized.

Energy vs. Engagement

Think about your brain for a second, it only comprises 2% of your body weight. But it actually burns 20% of your fuel reserves. When you're low on energy, the first thing that you lose is your executive function, the part of your brain that gives you the ability to:

  1. Predict outcomes

  2. Regulate your emotions

  3. Focus your attention

  4. Make great decisions

  5. Think innovatively

Clearly, these are the power tools that enable you to perform at your best. Without them, it's next to impossible to do a great job, no matter how engaged and dedicated you are.

Without Energy, Employee Engagement is Unsustainable

Why isn’t employee engagement working? We’ve found that even the best organizations are seeing their scores plateau and then decline. That’s a serious problem. Both employees and leaders are facing a crisis of belief. Juice’s free whitepaper rethinks how you could approach employee engagement. Prepare to have your views shaken. Read The Engagement Paradox.

How can we protect the energy you need to thrive at work?

For more than a decade, we've helped employees and managers have a simple conversation about the things that matter most at work. Getting these important things on the table enables you to release energy. When you feel clear about what's expected of you and what you can expect from others, that releases energy. When you feel supported, valued for your contribution, inspired about the work you do. All those things generate energy.

When you're energized, you have the ability to delight your customers, collaborate well with your co-workers and produce great results. But if those needs are threatened, or you perceive that they're threatened, your body goes into gas guzzling, energy burning mode. It creates interference inside of you, your whole brain starts to be hyper alert and you slip into fight or flight reactions.

About Beyond Engagement Training

We have a simple systematic process that removes interference and unlocks human energy. Is your organization ready to move beyond engagement?

Focusing strictly on engagement can leave your good people exhausted — still engaged but depleted. Why? Engagement without energy can’t sustain their passion and innovation. Based on Juice Inc. Founder Brady Wilson’s book of the same name, Beyond Engagement Training equips leaders and teams to remove interference and generate the energy needed to fuel performance. It’s one of Juice’s most popular and most talked about programs.

Our live and virtual Beyond Engagement training will equip you to:

  1. Partner with people to achieve results, rather than micro-managing.

  2. Lead better by understanding and applying the universal five driving human needs: meaning, belonging, security, significance, and freedom.

  3. Inspire others by setting them up for success.

  4. Boost team energy and deepen their engagement.

  5. Identify and balance competing needs and priorities.

Let's talk about Beyond Engagement training.

We'd love to explore how we can help you energize your workspace.

Get the eBook: Beyond Engagement

A brain-based approach that blends the engagement managers want with the energy employees need

Today’s employees may be engaged, but they’re exhausted. Lacking energy, they resort to quick fixes, workarounds, and reactive firefighting. Pointing to brain science research, this clear, concise and compelling book provides people leaders and HR professionals with the tools to create a sustainable and innovative organizational culture—focused on both engagement and energy.

More About Transforming Employee Engagement

Juice custom designs solutions to engage your employees, and offers other services to enhance your current offerings.

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