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Drawing on 15+ years of experience as an executive coach and leadership facilitator, Stephanie works with leaders and teams to deepen their self-awareness, hone their leadership style, and grow the capabilities needed to be more effective.

Stephanie is known for bringing a warmth and depth to the coaching and facilitation experience, providing a space where individuals and teams feel supported to explore their challenges and opportunities in more depth, to access more profound insights and to explore what’s possible. Her passion and interest in interpersonal dynamics have made her a trusted advisor and sounding board to leaders at all levels and across a variety of industries and roles.

Her work with leaders and teams allows them to deepen their self-awareness, break patterns that no longer serve them, and put in place habits, practices and behaviours that support their goals. Stephanie’s work also helps leaders to identify how the interplay of their personality and tendencies has the potential to create the conditions for innovation and creativity or to create friction and frustration.

She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Individual Resiliency Practitioner and is also certified to administer The Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment, as well as the iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram Solutions and CPEnneagram leadership profiles. Stephanie also holds a Master’s of Science from Boston University’s College of Communication, as well as a B.A.(hons) in Psychology.


Books by Stephanie Woodward

The Big Scale Back

Stephanie Woodward sacrificed vacations, weekends, and dating to climb the corporate ladder. Despite gaining industry-wide recognition, exhaustion and unhappiness led her to seek a big transformation. As a life coach, she created a framework for achieving work-life balance and shares it in The Big Scale Back, offering steps to find fulfillment, inner peace, happiness, and success on your own terms.

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