How energized are your essential people?

When employees go home at the end of the day with energy, they bring it back with them the next day and use it to fuel the things that matter most to your business.

Juice designs transformative training programs, creates and leads team-building seminars and exercises for better innovation and problem-solving, plus ways to improve employee engagement. We’ve helped companies all over the world — from just a few employees to tens of thousands – utterly transform themselves. Of course, the name says it all: you can also book our motivating, charismatic and juiced keynote speakers.

NEW Dare to Lead™ Leadership Training Workshops

Juice is partnering with our newest team member and Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator Carolyn Swora to host a series of Dare to Lead™ virtual workshops, bringing you access to the research-based program developed from two decades of research by Dr. Brené Brown.

Organizations need brave leaders more than ever. Brave leaders produce high performing teams that sustain energy through uncertain times. They lead with the courage to have the difficult conversations that are needed to unlock their team's best performance.

Dare to Lead™ is a unique and powerful leadership development program that is transforming people, teams and organizations. By providing leaders with the tools to embrace the tension in ambiguity, they are equipped with the skills to have the important conversations that address people’s fears. Leaders can sustain their team’s performance by creating a place of belonging and equity among employees.

Virtual Delivery

To continue supporting our customers, we've shifted all of our training services to a virtual delivery model. We know you’ve come to expect high quality, interactive training and working sessions from us. We’ve combined the use of easy to use platforms to ensure our virtually delivered training keeps that Juice magic.

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What is Juice?

It’s the energy that makes you feel connected, clear, creative, confident and purposeful. It’s the natural byproduct of fulfilled needs that makes your brain smarter and your body more vital. Our team exists to help you energize work. Our inspiring keynotes, impactful training, and team development experiences will help you transform engagement, grow leadership capabilities and enable innovation.

How to Fix the Exhausted Brain

“The first thing you lose is executive function.” Hence, the dysfunction in chaotic workplaces. See the crackling energy and common sense of Brady Wilson’s TED Talk, where he analyzes your overtaxed brain, aka “a 3-pound blob of tofu.”

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It's Time to Democratize Engagement


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