Oxygen Poker

Interactive Learning Experience for Leaders and Teams

We all have needs that are as vital and urgent to us as oxygen. They’re not wants or preferences; they’re the ingredients that help us flourish and bring our best to our work. The problem is that when our needs go unmet, our access to our brain’s executive function, the power tool of value creation, becomes compromised. This can trigger the kinds of unskillful behaviours that corrode team culture, trust, cohesion, and limit performance.

Oxygen Poker is a simple, hands-on learning experience that helps participants build awareness of their own and others’ needs, and learn strategies for identifying and minimizing energy depletion, and maximizing energy creation. Through this awareness and a simple individual and team check-in process, your leaders and teams will be able to start unlocking the energy needed for people to deploy their strengths and deliver sustainable performance.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the connection between our vital needs, energy, and our ability to deploy our strengths as individuals and teams
  • Explore how to get our needs met in skillful ways
  • Develop individual and team strategies to minimize depletion and unlock energy to drive performance

Target Audience

  • People leaders at all levels
  • Leaders & influencers (without direct reports)
  • Cross-functional Groups
  • Intact teams

Delivery Details

  • Time Required: 90 minutes to 2 hours
  • Minimum Participants: 6
  • Maximum Participants: 100+
  • Facilitated In Person: Yes
  • Virtual Delivery Option: Yes

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