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Frustrated with innovation approaches that are too complicated? That’s why we created Innovation in a Box - a simple process enabled by practical tools to help you deliver breakthrough results.

A Simple Approach to Drive Breakthrough Thinking

“Think outside the box!” they say. Organizations we work with have innovation as a key enabler of their strategy. And, they’ve tried telling people to think outside the box more. Unfortunately, when people are busy running the business, they struggle to figure out how to be more innovative.

We’ve designed a simple, structured 5-stage approach and enabled each stage with a curated set of practical thinking tools to help everyone in your organization engage in your innovation strategy.

Welcome to Innovation in a Box.

Explore a New Way of Thinking About Innovation

Innovation in a Box will equip your people with the process and tools to enable your innovation strategy. We'll engage your people in learning the Innovation in a Box approach while working on real, meaningful and relevant challenges ensuring the time you invest delivers immediate value.


Fuel Innovative Thinking Every Day

April 20, 12 PM
WIth Christine Robinson & Kris MacQueen

You know that old cliche that says you need to “think outside the box” to generate breakthrough solutions? Well, the evidence suggests otherwise. Research shows that the use of a structured innovation approach allows an average group to produce 500% more useful ideas than a so-called creative group using conventional brainstorming.

Welcome to Innovation in a Box.

Join us for this new webinar and learn how a simple, structured approach powered by practical tools can help anyone in your organization fuel innovative thinking and breakthrough solutions. Energize your workforce and watch them produce value adding ideas that turn into real solutions, every day.

Illustrated Introduction to Innovation in a Box

Start your Innovation in a Box journey with this graphically rich introduction to innovation, the i5 process and the practical tools that help you and your organization enable innovation. Take some time to flip through this comic book and let your ideas start flowing!

Innovation in a Box Open Workshops

Our introductory workshops are open to everyone who wants to experience how Juice can help you transform your organization and unlock the energy that fuels sustainable productivity.

Delivered in two 3-hour virtually facilitated sessions. get introduced to our structured process with practical tools that will help you enable innovation within your team or organization. In order to innovate successfully, companies need to create a culture of innovation where staff are encouraged to generate and develop ideas.

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Custom Innovation Working Sessions to Solve Real Business Challenges

Have one of our expert innovation facilitators leverage the Innovation In A Box process and tools to help you solve your business challenge. Juice will customize and facilitate innovation working sessions to help your work team deliver value-adding ideas, real time, with real-world opportunities and constraints.

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