Oxygen Poker Learning Experience

Unlock performance by understanding what matters most to your people.


The Five Driving Needs are as vital and urgent to your people as oxygen. When they’re met, you experience a surge of energy. This burst of juice is associated with — many would say produces — high performance, innovation, and engagement, the power-tools of value-creation in your organization.

But leave an employee’s needs unmet or compromised, and their brain’s executive function becomes severely limited. This triggers the kinds of negative behaviours that corrode company culture and tarnish the customer experience.


Oxygen Poker teaches employee-players about the Five Driving Needs. How? First by defining their own, and how those needs’ impact co-employee and customer experiences. Second, they learn to fulfill not only their own human needs but their teammates’ … thereby creating their own juice! And a better bottom line.

Scalable to any size, Oxygen Poker is a fun and insightful 90-minute team exercise. This exercise can be used for a team-building session, embedded in a leadership/management development program, or used to energize your next leadership offsite.

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"I found Brady Wilson's Oxygen Poker workshop more revealing and certainly more engaging, than any Myers-Briggs or True Colours test I've ever taken."

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