Team Building

Building a high-performance team requires fostering individual performance while fueling intelligent collaboration. Transform your team’s performance through Juice’s customized training sessions, engaging learning experiences and inspiring keynotes.

Build & Sustain Team Performance

Here’s the bottom line - high performing teams are not only engaged, they’re energized. This energy is what enables them to deploy their strengths and sustain performance - they get more done, in more innovative ways and are resilient when faced with change. In your drive to grow, transform and innovate, ensuring your team is energized is critical.

At Juice, we help people leaders and teams develop the mindset and skills required to unlock the energy needed to sustain performance. Yes, we can make your next corporate retreat memorable - AND we can help you use that momentum to transform your team to unlock a new level of sustained performance.

Transform Your Team

Whether you’re looking for a short learning experience or a more robust learning process for your team, we can help you take your team to the next level with live in-person, virtual or blended programs customized to support your most important objectives.

Build Your Team's Capabilities

With our deep toolbox of content and experience, we create meaningful learning journeys that will engage your team in building key skills while accomplishing real and meaningful work.

Energize Your Next Event

Start transforming engagement with your next leadership or corporate event. Inspiring keynotes and powerful learning simulations will give your teams the opportunity to learn and practice new skills to create a memorable and impactful event.


The 5 Shifts To Build High-Performing Teams

Looking to create and sustain high-performing teams? These five shifts will fuel engagement, innovative thinking and results for your organization.

Accelerate the Onboarding of New and Changing Teams

Things are changing - all the time. Whether you’re bringing brand new teams together or your current team is facing significant changes, you can accelerate team effectiveness by creating deep and meaningful connections quickly. Powerful connections come from understanding and helping each other get our needs met. Years of testing and validation have proven that understanding What Matters Most to each other can create the type of quality connections that foster trusted relationships, which in turn unlocks the energy needed to fuel performance.

Transform Team Engagement

Today’s employees may be engaged, but they’re exhausted. Corporate restructuring, supply chain disruption, shifting strategies, and the fast paced competitive landscape are depleting your teams. Lacking energy, they resort to quick fixes, workarounds, and reactive firefighting. By leveraging key principles from brain science research, we can drive intelligent collaboration that unlocks (rather than depletes) energy and agency, and keeps your team focused on driving innovative solutions to achieve results.

Sustain High Performers

One hit wonders are rarely what leaders are looking for from their team. Leaders who work with Juice are generally looking for a high level of sustained performance. What we know is that performance requires energy. Why? Because it’s energy that enables people and teams to deploy their strengths. If you’re looking to take your team to the next level or get a new team to level up, learn the 7 brain-based principles to help shift your team from “depleted” to “energized”.

Lead Hybrid/Remote Teams

Remote and hybrid teams now demand that we co-create integrative solutions. In a world where most of our meetings are happening via a screen, organizations must rethink the way they equip their teams to meet the demands of this changing environment. Gone are the days of top-down team culture creation. To succeed in today’s environment, everyone needs to be equipped with the necessary skills to make high-performing virtual and hybrid teams a reality.

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