Create space and you invite possibility - invite possibility and you shape reality

Pixar’s atrium is a space that’s both the producer and the product of brilliant thinking. Steve Jobs designed the atrium to generate serendipitous encounters between computer geeks and cartoon heads. His credo was simple but powerful: “It’s technology married to the humanities that makes the heart sing.”

Meeting rooms, the cafeteria, the coffee clutch, even the washrooms were strategically centered in the atrium. Space at Pixar created connective tissue that could turn a trip to the cafeteria into a collaborative spark between a software designer and an animator.

It was Jobs’ design of space that generated a unique “field” at Pixar. Our universe is full of fields – gravitational fields, electromagnetic fields, quantum fields. Pixar became a possibility field. Every single film idea entered a possibility field pulsating with potential, innovation and opportunity. Collaborations became magical.

Possibility shaped reality at Pixar. They discovered it’s possible to scrap a lousy Toy Story 2 and rebuild it into a brilliant success in eight months. It’s possible to create a “brain trust” that produces 12 blockbusters, each averaging a staggering $698 million in box office sales.

Pixar’s story illustrates a simple notion: create space and you invite possibility – invite possibility and you shape reality.

Jobs’ story focuses on creating physical space, but the principle of space – possibility – reality transcends that. There are many other ways to create space, invite possibility and shape reality, including techniques to un-clutter your brain and simplify your leadership or management style.

At Juice, we create space and invite possibility by changing how people think about engagement to energize work. For 20 years, we’ve helped leaders leverage the science of energy to unlock employees’ bottled up potential. This space and the possibility it opens generates a new reality of innovative ideas, great customer experiences and outstanding business results.

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