To transform employee engagement, it’s essential to understand the impact of psychological needs on employee well-being, productivity, and performance. By hacking the code on “stuffering”, we can create a more productive workplace where our people and results thrive.

Neglecting psychological needs leads to low performance and burnout. An environment where people can skilfully express and get their needs met unlocks our common humanity, improving performance, well-being, and vitality. Break with convention and fuel your people’s psychological needs for optimal performance.

Key Points

  • Humans have psychological needs that are essential, primal and biologically urgent: belonging, security, freedom, significance and meaning. However we’ve been socialized to stifle, mask, and repress them.
  • Unfulfilled, these human needs wreak depletion, illness, and poor performance. We call this suffering, caused by stuffing our needs, stuffering.
  • Understanding and talking about psychological needs as needs allows people to get these needs met – ending stuffering – releasing energy, well-being and performance.



Are you ready to break with convention and help your people thrive? Neglecting psychological will lead to low performance and burnout. Download our white paper and learn how to foster an environment where people can skilfully get their needs met. Break with convention and make work more human. Download now and take the first step towards a more productive and thriving organization.

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