The ability to maintain productivity during times of disruption.


You’ve seen it - You’re likely right in the middle of it. Ongoing exponential disruption is sapping energy from you and others on your team, and negatively affecting your productivity and capacity to grow, adapt and innovate. Of all the factors that contribute to dealing with challenges and adapting to change, the single most important factor is resilience—the capacity to maintain or regain high levels of performance and well-being when dealing with high levels of disruption and turbulence.


We have good news! You can cultivate the awareness and skills to transform energy depleting disruption into an exciting opportunity to grow your resilience. While challenge and change place significant demands on everyone, identifying and developing resilience can help you and your team effectively use their available resources to respond to these challenges with higher levels of performance. The Growing Your Personal Resilience Program is a customizable learning solution for individuals and teams that combines the Personal Resilience Profile, in-class or virtually facilitated debrief/dialogue sessions and self-paced learning resources.

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