January17, 2023

Virtual Online Training

Leverage The Science of Energy to Build High-Performance Teams

High performing teams are not only engaged, they’re energized. This energy is what enables them to deploy their strengths, get more done, in more innovative ways and be resilient when faced with change. In your drive to grow, transform and innovate, ensuring your team is energized is critical.

Through our Beyond Engagement Training program, we have helped people leaders and teams all over the world leverage the science of energy to fuel great customer experiences, innovative ideas and most importantly -- great business results.

This 2-hr virtual morning seminar lets HR & people leaders get hands-on with the Beyond Engagement program. Our intimate and interactive session format will walk you through the mindset, skillset and tools your teams need to effectively partner, remove interference and release energy by tapping into what matters most to them. Then, in small breakout sessions you’ll experience it in action - enabling you to start your day more energized, with a vision for transforming how your organization builds high-performing teams.

Who should attend:

  • Learning & development leaders

  • HR, talent and training leaders

  • Leaders tasked with building high performance teams

Attendees will learn to:

  • Understand a new mindset that boosts team energy and deepens their engagement

  • Experience Oxygen Poker - a learning experience that helps teams understand each other’s driving needs to improve team cohesion and trust

  • Know how to apply practical tools within their own organization that will shift how teams connect, stay engaged and stay operating at peak performance

Session: Tuesday January 17th, 2023

7:45am EST - 8:00am EST: Login & Orientation
8:00am EST - 10:00am EST: Seminar

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About the Speaker

Brady Wilson

Brady is the embodiment of focused energy. His mission? To create a world where businesses pulsate with creative energy. And since 1993, he’s had some success doing it. Learn more about Brady Wilson

About Beyond Engagement Training

Focusing strictly on engagement can leave your good people exhausted — still engaged but depleted. Why? Engagement without energy can’t sustain their passion and innovation. Based on Juice Inc. Founder Brady Wilson’s book of the same name, Beyond Engagement Training equips leaders and teams to remove interference and generate the energy needed to fuel performance. It’s one of Juice’s most popular and most talked about programs.

The Beyond Engagement Philosophy

We believe that every person deserves to have energy left over at the end of the day, energy for the partner, energy for their kids, energy to contribute to their community. We also believe you can have energy leftover and achieve the three things every organization wants: a great customer experience, a great employee experience, and great results.

But we're seeing a troubling trend. More and more employees are engaged but exhausted; dedicated, but depleted. However, there is a simple tool that enables people to be engaged and energized.

Without Energy, Employee Engagement is Unsustainable

Why isn’t employee engagement working? We’ve found that even the best organizations are seeing their scores plateau and then decline. That’s a serious problem. Both employees and leaders are facing a crisis of belief. Juice’s whitepaper rethinks how you could approach employee engagement. Prepare to have your views shaken. Read The Engagement Paradox.

“Brady and his team deliver a fantastic virtual training session. Just as engaging as attending in person; very interactive with easy to use technology platforms, and you have access to their online tools.”

More About Transforming Employee Engagement

Juice custom designs solutions to engage your employees, and offers other services to enhance your current offerings.

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